25 Days of ...Have I lost my mind?

Hey Loves!

I wanted to first and foremost thank everyone whose come out to shows and stopped by to say hello. I have missed all of your faces!!! I have loved catching up with everyone, talking about food, and making new friends along the way. You guys make art worth doing.

That being said, I may have lost my mind BUT I thought it *might* be fun to... i dunno, do a different set of Christmas earrings for 25 Days in a row!? This will be my personal version of Christmas, my friends and family are mixed, and so are our traditions. So bare with me as I bring you down the rabbit hole of desserts, savory dishes, and a trip or two down 'Member Berry Lane -just in time for the holidays.

IF I can get this done properly, you guys will get to enjoy something new and Christmasy till Dec. 12th. 

Fingers Crossed,


P.s.  8pm PST for the beginning of The Christmas Madness.